Peznet Solutions: 2023 Year In Review

2023 has been a year of remarkable transformation for us. From honing technical skills to expanding our business acumen, our journey has been about more than just technology—it’s been about people, partnerships, and progress.

The evolution of our approach.

Our focus shifted from purely technical aspects to understanding the nuances of business. Learning to communicate effectively with clients and designing solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations became our new mantra.

Building a dynamic team.

A significant milestone was expanding our team. We welcomed Max, an eager learner with a passion for Cisco certifications, and Sang, an engineer with a multifaceted skillset, including hardware repair. Dave, our software engineering expert, is spearheading our first AI app and enhancing our AWS capabilities. Their diverse talents have brought new energy and capabilities to our team.

Expanding our technological horizons.

This year, we’ve taken on challenging projects, pushing us to expand our expertise in networking, systems, and Microsoft 365 security suite. We’ve also ventured into data architecture and pipeline development, particularly focusing on Azure Data Factory.

Because technology has to work.

Heading into 2024, Peznet Solutions is defined by one realization: business cannot be held back by technology that doesn’t work. We exist to help your business thrive with technology that enables your mission. Let’s talk if we can bring value to you.