A private solution to ChatGPT without compromising data security.

Typically, businesses shy away from AI tools like ChatGPT due to data security concerns. That’s a genuine worry when dealing with sensitive client information. Azure Open AI offers a solution – it’s ChatGPT without the data security red flags, hosted securely in Azure Data Centers.

We’ve recently blended Azure Open AI with our Slack channels, and the experience has been nothing short of transformative. It’s a straightforward, efficient move that’s changing how we handle data and team interactions.

Azure Open AI: A Secure, Smart Solution
Azure Open AI is like ChatGPT, but with an extra layer of security. Hosted in Azure Data Centers, it’s the perfect fit for handling sensitive data. It’s practical and aligns seamlessly with our existing security protocols, ensuring our client data stays safe.

Slack Integration: Efficiency in Communication
Our team’s now pinging Azure Open AI directly through Slack for quick answers on tech questions. It’s all about getting things done faster and smarter, without compromising on security. We’re talking router setups, device configurations, all answered via Slack. Efficiency at its finest.

Our Tech Stack’s Evolution
We’re moving towards a serverless, scalable stack. The front end is on S3 with Cloud Front, using the React framework. Add Auth0 for authentication and Stripe for subscriptions, and we’re set up for scalable service delivery. This approach is all about being ready for growth, without the headache of managing servers.

A Fun Twist with AI
Dave, our lead on this project, has even added some personality to our Azure AI interactions. Ever heard of a ‘drunk AI’ mode? It’s our way of keeping the mood light in the workspace while staying on top of our tech game.