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Business cannot be held back by broken technology.

Network Downtime.

On average, companies lose $5,600 per minute during a network outage.

Cybersecurity Breaches.

A single data breach can cost a company millions in fines, reparations, and lost trust.

Delayed Operations.

Project delays can cost enterprises hundreds of thousands of dollars per day..

Peznet delivers best of breed IT solutions.

Stories from the cutting edge.

Windows Autopilot represents a significant shift in device provisioning. For companies, implementing Autopilot means improving the onboarding experience, making it a memorable first step into the company’s culture and operational philosophy.

Typically, businesses shy away from AI tools like ChatGPT due to data security concerns. Azure Open AI offers a solution – it’s ChatGPT without the data security red flags, hosted securely in Azure Data Centers.

We cut the loading time of our website by 425% (1.3 seconds) using a static plugin for WordPress and the power of Amazon’s CloudFront CDN.

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We understand that expectations are high to deliver projects on-time and under budget. You paid for technology to make work easier, not harder. We know how disruptive outages can be for your business.

Since 2007, Peznet has worked to deliver the best of breed technology solutions. We have extensive experience in the network, cloud, and security spaces.

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